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  • What can I expect from therapy?
    Therapy can be seen as a journey of exploration of yourself or your relationship. I approach my clients with kindness, no judgement and a comfortable space to share and open up. While we will talk during sessions most of the work will be done between sessions through reflection, exercises and other "assignments".
  • What if you don't accept my insurance?
    Check with your insurance company and ask if they reimburse "out of network" providers.
  • Are there benefits to private pay?
    Confidentiality. When paying through an insurance company there is a lot of information that they require. Some people do not want their information shared such as diagnosis, treatment plans, etc. They want this information to be private.
  • What benefits does your insurance cover for mental health?
    The cost of counseling can be affordable, not having to pay the full cost of a session. Check with your insurance company they will be able to tell you what they cover and what your copay, if any, would be.
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